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EHN understands how confusing Medicare can be, but selecting the right health plan just became easier! In coordination with MedicareCompareUSA, EHN is now offering a Medicare Insurance Helpline. This completely free and unbiased service has been designed to help Medicare beneficiaries select a plan that fits their needs and budget. The helpline connects callers with licensed agents who can assist in:

  • Comparing Medicare Advantage plans to meet your personal needs and preferences
  • Verifying which Medicare Advantage plans are accepted by your health care providers
  • Identifying a Medicare Advantage prescription plan that covers your medications at the lowest cost
  • Receiving assistance throughout the Medicare Advantage plan enrollment process and beyond 

MedicareCompareUSA agents are available to assist you with any Medicare plan questions you may have. They are specifically trained to help match plans to your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Call today at the toll-free number below! 

*To help us better understand your Medicare needs, please take a few moments to complete the Medicare Patient Questionaire. Completing this form is extremely important when preparing for Medicare eligibility as a patient of Eastside Health Network:

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