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Provider Member Benefits

EHN_GraphicEHN supports you and your practice as you navigate ever-changing reimbursement and healthcare reform while preserving your independence by entering into new and innovative contracts with payors, employers, and CMS.

We also provide access to resources such as population health management, care coordination, and data analysis tools to identify care gaps and areas of opportunity for enhanced patient care.

EHN focuses on alleviating the administrative cost burdens necessary in the current healthcare regulatory market, and we work to identify opportunities for group purchasing arrangements, multi-group access to health insurance, malpractice insurance, and education/training opportunities. Through member input, EHN addresses the needs of our providers on an ongoing basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Independent Practices Benefit from Network Scale


A central tenet of EHN is to support independent providers across the Eastside. EHN is committed to helping these providers remain independent, and realizes that maintaining a variety of care options is essential for a vibrant and strong community. To this end, EHN engages in the following:

  • Eastside Health Network Health Trust: In conjunction with Premera, Eastside Health Network Health Trust is offering medical benefits to independent provider organizations, their employees and dependents.
  • Medical Malpractice: EHN is working to bring medical malpractice, as well as casualty and property insurance, to independent providers at a discounted rate.
  • Participation in Value Based Contracts: Bringing funding for infrastructure support, access to patients, and the opportunity to earn additional revenue through lower cost and high quality outcomes.

Access to Members


EHN obtains patients by contracting with payors and employers. EHN providers benefit from a large member base for needs across the spectrum of care.

Member Intranet


Regardless of your practice’s EMR, or what device you are using, our intranet site is the internal "hub" that houses everything you need—from payor data reports to committee information, archived newsletters, and more. This site is your go-to place to find the right person to answer your question or to provide feedback. As our network develops and grows, so does our site, giving you the information you need.

Ongoing Communication: Our Commitment to Keeping You Informed


EHN's goal is to communicate information that is directly relevant to all network members. EHN offers a monthly newsletter, bringing you:

  • Specialty spotlights—designed to share a different specialty each edition, listing the providers within our network and connecting you to learn more about the areas of interest and practice.
  • A letter from EHN Interim President, Alicia Quaco
  • Coding & Quality provider training 
  • Contract updates, keeping you informed of the latest information about our payor contracts.
  • Timely and relevant EHN information and updates.
  • Participation updates—learn when new members join and specialties are added.

Tools for Care Management


Population health tools are available to practices and providers in the network. Your care management team can access aggregate data that provides a comprehensive clinical picture for each patient.

The Business Case - Benefits Supporing Your Business / Practice

  • Robust data from network members gathered by payors help identify areas of opportunity, while EHN committees work to form best practice guidelines to inform our work and encourage progress toward meeting our contractual goals.
  • Independent practices have the opportunity to attain a custom insurance product offered exclusively to EHN members.
  • As a clinically integrated network, EHN aligns independent providers with health system providers through shared infrastructure for the purposes of providing more coordinated care and engaging in value-based contracting.
  • Coordinated care will help ensure proper utilization of care to reduce unnecessary medical tests and care, while benefiting members through established cost sharing.

The Case for Care - Benefits Supporting Your Patient Care

  • Coordinated care means patients care will be better managed with less gaps and enhanced communication to support their care goals.
  • Our breadth of specialties and services will allow our providers to easily refer to experts in the areas patients need for the best possible care.
  • Patients will have a wide variety of access to ensure they are able to receive care when and where they need it without additional out-of-network fees.
  • Coordinated care will help ensure proper utilization of care, reducing unnecessary costs for patients.