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Welcome to Eastside Health Network!


Eastside Health Network (EHN) is dedicated to serving our patients with high-quality care in accessible locations across the Puget Sound’s Eastside. With a comprehensive and integrated infrastructure, EHN delivers expert, coordinated care to members in our Eastside community and their families. 


With over 1,900 providers on the Eastside and a broad range of locations, you have the flexibility to choose the providers who are right for you and in your neighborhood.

Limiting Unnecessary Costs for Our Patients

By sharing infrastructure costs among multiple practices and working together to eliminate duplicate testing, or other unnecessary care, patients experience better overall value.

Coordinated Care

Integrated patient data and our providers’ shared commitment to a higher level of coordinated care helps providers exchange information to determine the best possible care plans, together. Dedicated health coaches work with patients as an extension of the primary care team to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.