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Eastside Health Network’s Provider Community

Eastside Health Network (EHN) is a physician-led collaborative venture between independent and employed physicians from EvergreenHealth and Overlake Medical Center and Clinics. The network develops and implements evidence-based, data-driven clinical initiatives to improve outcomes, increase efficiency and reduce costs in inpatient and outpatient settings. By sharing data and representing a broad cross-section of the community, EHN is able to negotiate payor contracts as a network to align payments and incentives with the performance and quality of care delivered. Our collective dedication to serving our mission and delivering high-quality, expert care at a lower cost to our community, guides us in all that we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?


Members join EHN by signing a Participating Agreement. You will be required to submit data from your practice management system to report out quality measures and initiatives.

Are there costs associated with becoming an EHN member?


There are no upfront costs to join the network.

However, to join Eastside Health Network and support our goals, it is necessary to establish an information sharing feed through your practice’s electronic medical record (EMR), allowing your records to become integrated in the network’s system to benefit care coordination for our patients and support reporting on quality and other metrics. For some practices and providers, establishing a feed through an EMR vendor may result in a fee. Our goal is to support you in this process and avoid any vendor fees to achieve this, if possible.

If EHN is contracting on my behalf, what happens to my existing contracts?


Your practice’s direct payor contracts do not change. The contracts negotiated by EHN are considered an "overlay" on those direct contracts, designed around specific performance metrics to improve outcomes for a designated patient population. Your existing fee-for-service contracts are not impacted. The EHN Board of Directors decides if/when the network should negotiate fee schedules or enter into additional contracts. The network is notified if this takes place.

How does EHN measure quality?


Each specialty and primary care practice has quality measures selected by our EHN quality and patient experience committee. Most are standard measures and, at first, based primarily on claims and hospital data. Measures develop and mature over time to align with EHN quality initiatives and payor expectations. Selected measures are meaningful to member physicians, patient outcomes, and the greater Eastside community.

Is EHN affiliated with payor networks?


EHN is not affiliated with a single payor network. EHN strives to enter into value-based contracts with multiple payors and populations, which may include a narrow network or exclusive provider organization (EPO) in the future, but those are benefit design possibilities that a payor/employer would designate. Contracting strategies are designed by the EHN Contracting Committee and Board of Directors with the best interest of our provider members and our patients in mind, always.